How to Achieve 2018 Hair Trends With ‘Kind to Hair’ Hair Extensions

Though achieving some of the top 2018 hair trends can be difficult, it’s made a lot easier when ‘kind to hair’ hair extensions are used. This is because hair extensions create volume and length, both of which are important when styling hair. Here’s how to achieve some of the top hair trends using our kind to hair hair extensions: 

Oversized Braids 
Oversized braids are one of the top hair trends of 2018, but it can be a hard style to achieve if you have thin or short hair. However, with the help of clip in hair extensions or sew in hair extensions, this doesn’t need to be a problem. These kind hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length and thickness to hair, which is vital when creating oversized braids hairstyles. Simply add the hair extensions, braid the hair and tease out each plait to achieve the oversized look.

Wetlook Waves 
Wetlook waves will be popular during the summer months, as it’s a style that oozes relaxation and a beach vibe. Though wetlook waves look good on any hair length, it’s extremely popular among those with long hair extensions. With weftnano ring or micro ring remy human hair extensions, a wetlook wave look can be created with ease. Wetlook waves styles can be created using coconut oil, curling tongs or by braiding the hair overnight with wax or gel.


70s Hair
Every so often a hair trend of the past comes back and this year, it’s 70s hair. 70s hair is all about loose, bouncy curls and volume! So, it’s important to have the right amount of hair to achieve this. Regardless of the type of hair extensions you choose, 70s hair is on trend. At Virgin Hair and Beauty, we’d recommend double drawn hair and mirco ring remy human hair extensions. 70s hair can be achieved by ordering our curly hair extensions, if you prefer straight hair you can also achieve this by backcombing and teasing.


High Ponytails
When creating a high ponytail, again, it’s important to use volume; this is what creates the retro style that is so on trend for 2018. If you have thin hair, you can create this volume using a clip in hair piece or quad weft hair extensions. Similarly, if you have short hair, you can create the necessary ponytail length with our quad weft hair extensions.


Clip in Hair Extensions


LA Weave / Micro Ring Weft

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We stock a wide range of remy human hair extensions. This includes 'kind to hair hair extensions such as Weft, Quad Weft, LA Weave, Micro Ring Hair Extensions and Nano Ring Hair Extensions. We provide such a wide variety, as we understand that everyone is different and different styles need to be created. At Virgin Hair and Beauty, we only sell real remy human hair extensions. This is because we truly believe remy human hair extensions are the best for creating these natural and fantastic hair trends. To find out more about any of our hair extensions or for information on how to achieve these looks with real remy human hair extensions, get in touch. Contact Virgin Hair and Beauty online.



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