The Best Real Human Remy Hair Extensions From Virgin Hair And Beauty.

Hi, My name is Courtenay, I'm the Director at Virgin Hair And Beauty Ltd. I'm not one to be the face of my brand, there is one simple reason for this - we create and supply real remy human hair extensions for everyone and no one face can represent the thousands of women and trans clients who have purchased our real human hair extensions over the past 10 years. I feel a regular business related blog will be more beneficial. 

We have not yet paid to feature in magazines or publications nor have we entered ourselves into award shows. We have never used influencers or vloggers. Instead, we have spent many years researching, learning, creating and crafting our products in order to offer you what we feel is the very best and 100% real (unmixed) human remy hair extensions. 

We tell a true story and today I want to share that with you. 

How do we know we sell the best human hair? 
Only one group of people can answer that, but first lets step back a bit to what draws that qualifying group to us.  I am a consumer of my own products, I test and wear every hair type before its launched across our different extension types. My background is in Branding, what does this have to do with the products we offer? Let me explain...
from very early on, the Virgin Hair And Beauty brand and website set the bar for what a luxury human hair extensions company should look like, our customers have always commented on how much they like the website. With this, came hundreds of human hair suppliers who want to work with us. I soon had to develop a strict criteria as to who we would work with. The criteria however, was not set until I "kissed many frogs". 

Having tested many different sources and their capabilities over the years including some disastrous suppliers, I'm very proud in the knowledge that the sources we have on our preferred suppliers list now are the very best in the world. So what makes the Virgin Hair And Beauty select few the best? Our customers have confirmed this. The positive hair extensions reviews & feedback we have had on these hair types have been consistent and unanimous. Who better to confirm than our buyers (see the stats below).  

We have 4 main sources for our human hair. 2 are mutual partnerships, the other 2 were extremely hard for me to partner with as they do not work with just any company - I had to prove that we could give them the volume of orders they required and that was no easy task as we are a custom made / made to order service. They wanted to work to wholesale/bulk orders only but I stood firm that not all women were the same and no single hair type or hair colour could fit all, therefore, I could not buy all my hair from one source, they had to lower their minimum order quantity. 

Eventually they realised how serious I am about my business and agreed to trade with us. Today, my sources and I work closely together to ensure we are providing the very best real human hair extensions to the Virgin Hair And Beauty buyers. 

In December 2016, we announced that a high percentage of our human hair extensions would now be made from our new studio in London. This is because we wanted to take full control of the colouring and production of the quality hair we had acquired. It also meant that we could turn our orders around much quicker. If you ask some of our oldest clients what they don't like about buying from us, most would say - the timeframe! who would blame them? We all want our gorgeous hair extensions fast! but not at the cost of quality...

In reality, when you are dealing with 100% real human hair you have to allow enough time, especially when they are being hand made and hand coloured to your specification.
With that comes a professional cost. Human hair extensions are an investment, the right set will save you time and money in the long run. I have tried to steer away from scaremongering when it comes to advice about hair extensions, many others have used fear tactics to scare buyers into purchasing, there is only one point I would like to make; real human hair extensions are a genetic commodity, if you're not paying a minimum or close to £100 (and upwards) per 100g, you should question whether what you currently buy is indeed 100% remy human hair?

Perhaps a question we should all ask ourselves is; how much would we sell our own hair for? 

I digress! Let me get back to answering the question...
Does Virgin Hair And Beauty sell the best human hair? Yes! we think so, but the only people who can qualify this answer are our clients. Here is some data to back it up; 

Number of buyers over a set period : 530
A. No negative or positive reviews submitted, therefore satisfied: 426 - 80%
B. High score reviews submitted: 71 - 13.4%
C. Low score reviews submitted: 33  - 6.23%
Number of satisfied/happy buyers (A+B): 497 - 93.77%

You will also see from our videos , images and real customer reviews, how absolutely natural our hair is, how they easily take the colours we are applying to them, how healthy they look even after lightening to blonde and the many positive reviews we have had from our buyers. 

No company is perfect however, we will continue to strive in supplying you with the best 100% real remy human hair extensions. 



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