We offer a detailed free online colour matching service to help you choose your colours. Please send a clear picture of your hair taken in natural daylight to: theteam@virginhairandbeauty.com

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Help! How much hair do I need?

February 02, 2016

Often we get lots of questions about how much hair is needed. Every person is different iso It really depends on what you want! Here's a quick rundown; Read More

Over the past ten years human hair extensions have become a genetic commodity.

No longer happy with what Mother Nature gave us, we women can transcend from the natural daytime look into Red Carpet-Sultry Evening glam in a blink. No shortcuts, an instant transformation complete with long lashes and 6 inch heels (well perhaps for the brave of us).

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We have been quiet for a couple of days getting ready to launch our Classic Ombre-Balayage range. The first few are in stock now with £25.00 off! Absolutely beautiful right? ‪#‎Balayage‬ is a free-form hand painted highlights technique which leaves the hair colour looking organic and beautiful. We are keeping this range simple, therefore, its only available in virgin colour (1b) to colour 6/30. We love this combination and styling and hope you will too!



Summer is finally here and at VH&B we’re channelling the sun’s rays into our blonde hair extensions.


Buy our Sun-Kissed hair extensions here.

When our hair is exposed to the sun and sea it’s left beautifully beachy and lightened naturally from the elements. The sun organically bleaches the hair and depending on how much sunlight one gets to bask in, determines how light the hair will be lifted.

Unfortunately, everyday doesn’t permit us to curl our toes in the sand on a tropical beach and soak up the sun. That does leave us with little natural sun-kissed action in the hair department. This is where VH&B are here to help you capture the sun-kissed look without having to spend hours in the sun. Our brown and blonde hair extensions with the seamless transition to even blonder ends give you the sun-rageous look and allow you to have holiday hair without the added cost. Furthermore, even though the sun is good for us, like anything in life it is best in moderation. UV rays can be damaging for our skin and hair and can leave us with dry, frazzled locks. Best to show off your sun lightened ends without having to fry yourself (and your hair) under the sun beams.

With every order we’re pleased to be giving away designer sunglasses to protect your peepers whilst you’re out in the sunshine. We are also donating £1.00 from every order placed, to our chosen charities Women For Women and Unicef.

Enjoy the summer ladies and be sun-safe! 

Emma xX

Images used are courtesy of Ftape, Acces Showbiz, Hairstyles Reports.

We have teamed up with some experienced and creative hair colourists who have been tasked with colouring our Ombré extensions. Taking this step of the Ombre hair extensions process 'in house' means that we can ensure the colours blend perfectly with each other and we can achieve the most natural looking Ombré hair extensions for you. Our Ombre extensions image library is growing as is our colour palette.

Getting the colouring right with ombré extensions are vital, however, our experienced colourists can also work to images you may wish to send to us. As with all of our extensions, only the very best virgin remy hair is used. To get the most natural looking and on-trend Ombre coloured hair extensions, have a look at our colourists recent achievements above and click here to place an order. 

Our Top 10 Moisturizers

April 23, 2013

We suggest that you use the following products (or similar) to maintain your hair extensions.
Sulfate Free Shampoo: Aveda Be Curly
Aveda Dry Remedy
L'Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo
John Masters Lavender Rosemary Shampoo
Deva Curl No Poo for Curly hair types
Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Save
Curls Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo
ICON Drench for bleached blonde hair

Organic Moisturisers For Virgin Uncolured Hair:
Moroccan Pure Argan Oil
KTC Pure Almond Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil
Unrefined Coconut Creme or Oil Pure Jojoba Oil
- as a treatment, leave in or soak in Coconut oil for 30mins and rinse out with organic shampoo

Organic Moisturisers for Coloured Human Hair:
All the above oils but leave in before washing and rinse out or apply small amounts when required. Moroccan Argan Oil Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Lotion Finishing, for all hair types.

Hair Care - Daily

April 23, 2013


You MUST brush your hair in the mornings and at night before bed. Even when you’ve had a long day and your bed is calling; even when you’ve had too many glasses of vino on a Saturday night, you must take a few minutes to brush through your hair.

Covering your hair with a scarf before going to sleep will prevent frizzing and tangling and is highly recommended.
Carry a brush in your bag. Wind, rain and pollution can affect our hair and it may need a little tidy up from time to time during the day.


Hope you're all well! So for my next blog I thought I'd briefly talk about something I touched on in the last post and that being extension nightmares and successes.

I know I go on about it, but It really is true when I say you get what you pay for. If you pay £10 for a full head of extensions from EBay they're not going to be silky soft, they won't last and they're probably not human hair!! 

Because I just cant be without long hair I recently ordered a "full head set" from an eBay seller just to last me a couple of weeks between fittings. They were very cheap and this showed in the quality. I knew what I was getting as it was synthetic hair - you cannot use heated appliances on them, couldn't brush them or wash them at all and it would cause them to matt. I ended up wearing them in a bun all the time. The clips came off easily and there was no way there was enough thickness for a full head...stay away from this unless you want a quick fix!

Nevertheless I'd say the human hair clip in’s I've worn in the past have been fine.  I personally find clip ins very uncomfortable, but if you buy from a quality seller the hair will be just as good as any bonded extensions.

…And as for successes? So far I'm still ecstatic about the results of my most recent extensions! Pre bonded European hair seems to work best for me with my hair origin and texture. I'm really happy with them and everyone has commented on how great they look. 

To sum up, I really want to reiterate how important it is to make sure you're getting your hair from a quality supplier if you want "hair success". Yes, it may cost you more but your hair will look and feel healthier and you won't be disappointed with the results and feel let down.

That's all for now, but check in as usual next week for some more hair goss!

Happy Hair Days!!

Lauren xoxo


I have been using hair supplied by Virgin Hair and Beauty since 2011 and am always pleased with the results. 
My preferred type of hair is Indian or Brazilian Virgin Remi Hair as I am of Afro-Caribbean decent. A few months ago I kept my own hair in its natural state but recently decided to have extensions put in. In my amazement, having dug out all the old bundles of virgin hair previously bought from this company, all the hair was still in reusable condition. I found myself spoilt for choice. Once I decided which hair to use I washed it with AtOne Argan Oil shampoo, let dry over night and went to the hairdressers the next day. After being washed, the hair was in 'brand new condition'.

My hairdresser and other customers always comment on how impressed they are with the hair and are amazed when I say its the 3
rd/4th time I am using the same hair. 

I strongly recommend that users of virgin remi hair simply apply a bit of tender, loving care, follow hair care advice and it can be used as many times as you like. I am now re-wearing hair extensions that I used 3 times previously in 2011, I am very pleased that I spent my money well.

My top 5 tips for buying good virgin hair extensions are:

1. Buy from a reputable company (do research and check feedback).
2. Ensure your hairdresser can install the hair as a full weft without cutting the wefts into short pieces (this is vital for re-use and no shedding) they can turn the wefts and not have to cut them.
3. Brush and cover your hair (with scarf) every night (this avoids having to deal with overly messy hair in the morning).
4. Only wash the hair when you feel it needs to be washed, as extensions loosen and human hair looses natural moisture with each wash.
5. Keep your hair moisturised with a natural oil 2 to 3 times a week maximum (I use pure coconut oil or aloe vera extract hair polish) 

I hope you have found my short and sweet blog useful. Thank you for taking the time to read it.


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