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How ‘Fair’ is your Virgin Remy Hair?

May 16, 2015

Over the past ten years human hair extensions have become a genetic commodity.

No longer happy with what Mother Nature gave us, we women can transcend from the natural daytime look into Red Carpet-Sultry Evening glam in a blink. No shortcuts, an instant transformation complete with long lashes and 6 inch heels (well perhaps for the brave of us).

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Best Shampoo For Remy Hair Extensions

June 27, 2014

Which shampoo should I use? lots of shampoos have Sulfate in them. So why are they bad? Sulfates strip hair of essential oils and dries out hair. This damages hair follicles which results in hair loss, breakage and causes the hair to lack lustre and life. The best shampoo's to use are natural, organic and sulfate free.  

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